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How Do I Fix My AT&T WI-FI?

If you are facing a wireless connection issue with AT&T so shouldn’t worry about it because here you will get complete step-by-step solutions. Just follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Steps to Fix My AT&T Internet Not Working:

Solution 1: Check the Web Browser:

  • Before doing anything, firstly you must check the web browser and clean the cookies, cache, or history from the web browser and update it if you are using the old version. After then, AT&T WIFI not working again so just follow the below presented solving steps.

Solution 2: Check AT&T gateway location:

  • Users always check the strength of the network and the actual position of the router. Establish a frequent connection with the best quality cable and position must be very close to AT&T.

Solution 3: Apply AT&T Support Tools:

  • Download and install the AT&T Self Support Tool on the computer and find the perfect issue with help of the tools.

Solution 4: Check the WIFI Setting:

  • Due to the low speed and week network strength, AT&T WIFI not working issue arrives so make sure, your wireless connection correctly setup.

Solution 5: Reboot the Modem and WIFI Gateway:

  • Unplug the power cable and restart your WIFI gateway and again, set up the gateway and then, use the wireless password.

Moreover, after applying the above-presented steps, if again AT&T WIFI not working so you need to connect directly with the ATT support team and solve the wireless password the issue with help of the customer representative.

How Do You Fix AT&T U-Verse When the Internet Is Not Working?

If the internet is not responding on the AT&T so don’t worry about it, just follow the troubleshooting steps where you can easily fix it via U verse remote control.

  • Press the menu button using the U-verse remote control.
  • Scroll down via arrow and pick the Help.
  • Then, hit on the OK and scroll right.
  • Choose the troubleshoot and resolve option.
  • Select the Internet to troubleshoot option.
  • Press Menu on your U-verse remote control.
  • Use the down arrow to scroll to Help. Press OK.
  • Scroll down to Information and Press OK.
  • Scroll right and select Troubleshoot & Resolve.
  • Enter the current password and again tap o the OK.

Follow the screen instruction and after turn off the TV, use it again.

Furthermore, after completing the troubleshooting the steps, just start your U-verse TV after the proper setup of wireless setup or if the AT&T WIFI not working again so just contact with U-verse support team and solve it with help of the technical support team.

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