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How to fix email not working?

AT&T-it is the multinational company, it is the largest telecommunication company and not only this but also the largest mobile telephone service provider and even the fixed telephone service provider in the United States.

Common Issues and its Fixes

AT&T provides free email service, it has many new features and it also provides security, email without any doubt has made communication better however at times one might come across some concerns as and its fixes

AT&T Email Sigh in issue –

  • First and foremost, ensure that the id entered is correct
  • Ensure that you are using AT&T compatible device as well the browser
  • Try using on another browser

AT&T Emails not able to send

  • Make sure that the email address of the sender is correct
  • I hope you are aware that there is a limit that you can send the emails in a day do ensure that you have not exceeded the same
  • Ask the receiver in case he has blocked the account by mistake
  • Ensure that the size of the email is less than the maximum limit
  • Ask the receiver to check the spam
  • To ensure that the mail is sent and not sitting in the folder

AT&T not working on iPhone – please check the configuration

  • Click on Settings and then look for the option Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Click on Add Account and then select Add Mail Account and enter the details as
  1. Name – Complete Name
  2. Email – Your complete email AT&T email address
  3. Password- enter the correct password
  4. Description – type AT&T
  • Under the incoming mail server select IMAP and enter the details as
  1. Hostname –
  2. Username – enter your AT&T email address
  3. Password – do enter the correct password

Now on this page click on save and select your email address

  • Under the outgoing mail server choose SMTP

Click on under the main server and check if the below information is showing

Server port- 465

  1. Now click on done
  2. Select Advanced and do check if the below information is showing

Server port

Now go back to the previous screen and restart your iPhone

AT&T not working on Google Chrome

  • Make sure you have cleared the Chrome data like cache, cookies, search history and so forth
  • Please turn- off the extensions and add-ons which are installed in the browser
  • At the time the antivirus installed in the system might not let the AT&T work
  • Try to switch to any other browser as at times it could be AT&T is just not responding on that browser
  • If the concern is still, there one should need the help of the expert

The above mentioned are some common faced by the users and there fixes as well if the problem still persist one can take help from the customer service team

Customer Service Team

One needs to go on the official page and see how can they help and you have the option to write about your concern one can either get the answer by calling the team or at times by chat. The team will ensure that it is being taken care of.

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