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How to fix Chromecast Not Connecting to Wifi

A little introduction about ChromecastChromecast is the product of Google Company. In other words, Google Company develop and manufacture the Chromecast. This is the small device that comes to use for using the internet by connecting on mobile, computer, laptop, etc. This is also called a digital media player. Chromecast also uses for audiovisual content in high definition TV or home audio system with mobile or mobile applications.

What to do if Chromecast is not connected?

Sometimes Chromecast is not working on your pc, laptop or mobile device, etc. due to some reason. The reason behind this problem may be a fault on your device, electric board, or it may some other reason. If your Chromecast is not connecting to Wi-Fi, then first you should reboot your device. Unplug your router from power, weight a few seconds then plugging it again. In this way, your device has been refreshed. But if Chromecast is still not working then you should follow the given steps you definitely get the solution to fix Chromecast connecting to Wi-Fi.

Some lists of ways to fix the Chromecast issue are illustrated:

  1. Reset Factory Data: First, you should reset your factory data to press and hold the button of your Chromecast dongle for at least 20 seconds. When you do that your TV screen goes black, now you can release and wait to clear its memory.
  2. Reset your Modem or Router: The second step is that you should turn off your modem or router (whichever you use) and remove the plug from power. Then wait a few seconds and reconnect it.
  3. Use the Extender: Using the cable for the HDMI extensor that came with your Chromecast. The cable of an extender is very stiff. The reason behind this cable is it will work to give breathing room to detect Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Move your Router: If your router is away from the house, then it’s time to move your router because sometimes there is a problem in connecting Wi-Fi from the distance of the router, which also reduces your internet speed.
  5. Ensure your Network Operates at 2.4 GHz: The Wi-Fi network is operating in two frequency band i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. But Chromecast work on 2.4 GHz. To check the frequency you should go to the setting and for Chromecast, you should select 204 GHz. If your Chromecast is connected on 5 GHz then you can change it but it depends on the capacity of your Chromecast device.
  6. Update your Router’s Firmware: When the users go to the settings menu of a router, they get the notification of firmware updates. If it does not work on your situation then you need to improve your network security for external risk.
  7. Adjust your Router channel: Sometimes your neighbor is also using the internet from your router connection but you cannot recognize it. So in this situation, you need to change your router channel. You can do it easily just go to the setting and try to find the option of wireless and in the below, one more option, channel, and SSID will appear. Click on it and follow the instructions.

How to get in touch with Chromecast customer support?

So many technical support engineers are sitting around you to help out in such issues. By seeing the increasing demand for live support phone number the company has been provided contact number which works for 24×7. People who work in the night can also call on the same number if the user feels that there are some issues with the product. The Google Company provides so many contact numbers for particular things. If you are facing trouble to access the Chromecast, then you should follow the given steps. Otherwise, you must make an instant call to the Chromecast customer support. When you call on that number, customer support will pick your call within a minute they also give instructions you should follow and get the solution.

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