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How to fix Gmail SMTP server not working

If you are using Google account server and unable to send email to other than Google can block signs in attempts from your apps or device. If you are using Google App, then you need your administrator to allow users to change the policy for less secure app, if you are an administrator of Google app then you must adopt the given steps:

How to troubleshoot the Gmail SMTP server not working?

  1. First, you go to the panel of Google app administration to browse.
  2. After that, it helps keep your account secure Google needs to verify it’s you. Please sign in again to continue.
  3. Then click on the security option and further choose basic settings
  4. Try to find a less secure app section then click on the option Go to settings for less secure apps.
  5. At last, choose to allow users to manage their access to less secure apps.

Other options are also given for other Google user:

If you are not Google app user or do not use Google app then you should adopt the following sections i.e. two steps verification. You must check two-step verification has been enabled or not on the account. If two steps verification has been disabled then you follow the given step:

  1. First, you should go to the page of the less secure app.
  2. Login your account in which you are having a problem.
  3. Then select the turn on the option.

If two steps verification has been enabled, then you adopt the given steps carefully:

  1. Go to the page of the app password.
  2. Then click on the select app and select the application you are using or want to resolve your problem.
  3. After that, they will ask to select the device, click on it, and select the device which you are using.
  4. You click on the generate button.
  5. Enter your device’s application password and then click on the done button to complete your process.

Sometimes people have tried everything but still Gmail SMTP not working then no need to worry just adopt all the above steps carefully, you definitely get more helpful.

Why Gmail SMTP is not working?

Many attempts getting failed and the Gmail SMTP server not working. Gmail SMTP is a credible method to send emails from your word press website. The SMTP helps to deliver the messages from one Gmail account to others. Have you ever thought about how email is labeled as spam? The server used to send the email would have been reported as an expense if you share the same server to send your email which was also tagged as spam. If you use spam-free Gmail SMTP it means that your email will go to your customer’s spam folder.

How to get help from customer service?

If any points are not clear then no need to worry, just make an intent call to the customer support. When you call on the support contact number, they will answer your call within a second. They definitely resolve your problem. Without your satisfaction, they will never put the call. All the supports are highly experts and have years of experience. You just share your quires they always try to solve your problem because the company takes care of every Clint thus it accelerated the phone number of Google account. So many technical support engineers are sitting around you to help with such issues. The number is authorized by the company. People who work at night can also call on the same number if he or she feels that there is some problem with the product.

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