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How to fix Google Play Store Not Working?

It is an American digital distribution service that is taken care of and developed by Google. It is the official app store for Android users which indeed helps you to browse and download which are developed by Android Software Development Kit and it is published by Google.

Yes, it is the app which is very commonly used across the globe however while using the same one might come across some common errors as

  • As open is not able to open
  • Not able to load, download then install the applications or games

How to Resolve to Google Play Store Errors?

Restart the device – simply turn off the device and after a few seconds turn it on.

Force ably close the Google Play Store– one can take the steps as in order to stop the Google Play

  • Go on settings and then hit on Apps
  • Look for Google Play Store
  • Click on Force stop

Disable and Enable Wi-Fi – turn of the Wi-Fi and for some time let it be and then turn it on again go on the screen and click on Wi-Fi twice

Clear the Google Play Store Cache– please take the steps as below

  • Click on settings
  • Click on Apps from the list
  • Look for the option of Google Play Store and click on the option hit Storage
  • Click on Clear Cache

Clear the Play Services Cache and Data – it can be done by taking the actions as

  • Click on Settings
  • Hit on option Apps
  • Now click on Google Play Services and select Storage
  • Now select Clear Cache
  • Go on Manage Spaces and do select Clear All Data

Check for the Disabled Apps – Google Play store also depends on other apps to run the services which might be disabled and to check on the same take the actions as below

  • Click on Settings
  • Please Go through the app list and search for the disabled apps
  • Click on each app and Enable the same

Disable your VPN– It helps one to get the media played outside the location hence which means that one has to use VPN to install an app one can enable and disable the same by taking the actions as

  • Click on Settings
  • As per the device, you are using a click on More or More networks
  • Click on VPN and turn it off

Check the system date and time settings – if it is not correct it may cause the problem which can be corrected by performing the actions as

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on date and time
  • Click on the option Automatic date and time and you can select either option on the screen at will get the same result

Make sure that Android OS is updated – in order to check the version please take the actions as

  • Click on Settings
  • Hit on the option About phone or tablet
  • Click on Firmware Update or you might the see the option System Update and see if it is to be updated

Uninstall and reinstall Google Play Updates – this is because one will not be able to uninstall or reinstall Google Play as it is a system app hence we do the same with the updates by doing the actions as

  • Click on Settings
  • Now select Apps from the list
  • Click on Google Play Store and then click on the vertical dots which s at the top towards the right and then click on Uninstall Updates
  • All you need to do is restart the device and the updates which are current will get updated automatically once the updating is done then please download the app

Remove and add Google Account – in order to restart the Google account please take the actions as

  • Click on Settings and then select Accounts
  • Among the options click on Google
  • Click on your Account and click on the vertical dots which are at the right and select Remove Account
  • Once all the actions are taken Restart the device

In order to add the account

  • Click on Settings and then select option Accounts
  • Among the listed options select Google
  • Now in the required field Please enter the account information and if required clear the Google Play Services Cache and data

Clear your devices Download Manager – taken the steps

  • Click on the Settings
  • Select the options apps and then select downloads
  • Click on Storage
  • Click on Clear data

By taking the steps above one will be overcome the concern if the problem still persists then try out the factory reset option or one can reach the customer care team by going on the official page and in the given field explaining the exact concern.

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