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How to Change Xfinity wifi Password

Xfinity offers excellent class wireless services to its users. But, sometimes users face difficulties to change the Xfinity internet password. So, if you are facing the same issues so just see the below-given steps for instant solutions.

Changing the WIFI Password Xfinity Hotspots (Mobile App):

  1. Go to your mobile and hit the Xfinity My account.
  2. Then, click on “App drawer” under the Xfinity account & Then, log in your account.
  3. If you are outside, so use the password changing method Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspots.
  4. Choose the “Make New Password” option.
  5. Now, put the present “Password” in the box.
  6. For the login to Xfinity hotspot, use the new password.

Moreover, users can easily Change Xfinity WIFI Password by above-presented steps. before, entering the account with the new password, just reconnect the internet and then use the Xfinity account.

Change the WIFI Modem/Router Password (Mobile App):

  1. Firstly, just go to the “My Account” of Xfinity.
  2. Then, “Sign-in” your account with credentials.
  3. After then, press on “Three Horizontal Lines” (Situated upper right corner on mobile display)
  4. Then, click on the “Internet” option and choose the” Wireless Router” under the device menu.
  5. Then, press the “Reset WIFI Settings” and create a new password & write the same password in another box.

After then, press the “Save” button and after creating a new password, the gateway will display a message so click on “Done” and wait for a while, and then you can connect and your Change Xfinity internet Password issues have solved successfully.

Changing the WIFI Modem/Router Password (PC or Mac):

If you are using a personal computer or mac so don’t worry, here you can easily change your router password.

  1. Firstly, just visit the via any web browser.
  2. Then, log in to your account by credentials.
  3. Hit the “Setting” option and then, tap on the internet.
  4. After then, press on the “Wi-Fi” option under service details.
  5. Then, click on the “Wi-Fi Password” and make a password.
  6. Wait for a while and then refresh your settings.
  7. Again, log in your account with New password.

Therefore, Users can easily Change Xfinity WIFI Password via the above technique but if you are using a Mac computer then go to the menu option by password resetting.

The above-presented steps are very useful and getting various methods with the different-different device but when you create your new password then make a strong password for better security meanwhile you should use character, uppercase, lowercase, numeric and symbol for your every new password.

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