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How to Download Photos from iCloud

iCloud is one of the best and most popular storage. The uses of this storage are to help to store documents, photos, videos, etc. If any files are deleted then you can back up easily. iCloud is basically developed by an Apple incorporation. It is one of the best manufacturing electronic devices, like a laptop, mobile phones, watches, etc. The iCloud photo library is an apple service that user can move all the photos and videos from the phone device to iCloud storage. Another way if you want to download your photos and videos from iCloud in your device then you can easily do both. One thing you must be sure that your photos are available on all your devices.

Step by step instructions are given below to download photos from iCloud

Sometimes people want to download photos from iCloud storage but some of the people do not know, how to download photos from iCloud, they no need to get worried about it because the best instructions are given systematically you should adopt this and get your photos from iCloud.

  1. Open your iCloud to login. If you do not have iCloud then you should download it before then log in on this storage.
  2. When you have downloaded then open it on your system. You click on the start menu and find iCloud.
  3. Then click on that and select everything which you need then click on done option to complete.
  4. After that, you should further click on the apply option which is appearing in the bottom and close the main window.
  5. Now open the system tray and find the iCloud icon, you should click the right button of your mouse on it.
  6. To start the process, you should click on the download photo.
  7. Congratulation your photos are downloaded by adopting all the steps carefully.

How to download photos from iCloud to Android?

People should understand that iCloud photos store usage is very simple, you can manage freely, edit and save your photos as they have always done and the original photos always remain stored in iCloud in this way you can easily back any edits made on a device. If you do not know how to download photos from iCloud then don’t worry about Android just apply the given steps to learn.

Excellent instructions are described below to download photos from iCloud to Android

  1. First, you unlock your phone then go to the phone settings.
  2. Scroll down and try to find the system app settings and click on it.
  3. Then you can see the iCloud option on another page, you should tap on that option.
  4. If you are not log in on it then first, you sign in to use the cloud.
  5. When you logged in then click on the photo section and unable the iCloud photos.
  6. You have more options on the next below i.e. you should tick on download and keep original.
  7. The benefits of this tick your all-new Media and file will be automatically downloaded on your android, without your confirmation.

How to Download Photo from iCloud to Mac?

People do not need more space in there mac to download photos from iCloud to mac. If you have less space on your system then you can download the photo from iCloud to Mac. Sometimes people not much knowledge about downloading a photo from iCloud then they can take information from given instructions.

Best steps are illustrated below adopt systematically and get to learn download photos from iCloud to Mac

  1. First of all, get set with your mac then open iCloud from the web browser and log in.
  2. Then go to the photo option to select the all photos album.
  3. When you reached on that option, you scroll down till the bottom of all photos album. Then you will see the button of select photos at the top of the cloud photos bar.
  4. After that press and hold the shift key of your keyboard and then press down arrow key to select all photos from the all photos album this will signed by the iCloud photos bar i.e. ABCD items selected.
  5. When your all photos have been selected in iCloud photos then click on the download bottom which is appearing at the top of the iCloud photos bar.
  6. You make sure that all of the selected photos you want to downloaded (You can download one to more than thousands photos) then click on Download option.
  7. In this way, your all photos have been downloaded. Once you should check to confirm that your photos downloaded or not.

How to get help through telephonic?

The increasing demand for live support contact number the iCloud has been provided support number which is available all time. Numbers of technical support engineers are sitting around you. People who work at night can also call on the same toll-free contact number. All the contact number is toll-free and authorized by the company. Whenever you feel suggestions regarding iCloud then you should make an instant call to the customer support. When you call that customer support number, your call will be picked up within a minute. They always try to make you satisfy the user, without your satisfaction they will never put your call. The number is available for particular things. all the supports are highly experts and have years of experience.


iCloud storage is one of the best and most trusted storage. Users can put their documents, photos, videos. All your important photos and all are protected by iCloud Company from hackers there is no chance of fraud to lick personal data or images. Users will get several advanced features in this storage in comparison to other storage. This company provides you three layer securities, in which your all photos are safe in it. Millions of people are using this storage around the world.

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