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How to Reset Zoho Mail Password?

Zoho – it is an Indian software development company, known for web-based business tools as well for information technology it comprises of office suite which has word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, note-taking, web conferencing, customer relationship management, email, project management as well accounting management and so forth. Technology has made our life easier and has also made communication faster and better

Zoho email – Email is a mode of communication which helps one to communicate at the personal and at the official level without being physically present there and in order to be sure that it is secure the email is password protected, our life in today’s time is surrendered by password and in order to be sure that it is stronger we often end up forgetting the same which can be taken care at an admin as well at the user level

Reset Password – one can initiate the steps mentioned below

  1. One will be required to be on the login page
  2. Hit on forgot password
  3. Now one will be required to enter the email address or the mobile number associated with the account and do enter the captcha, to ensure that you are not a robot then click on request
  4. If you provided an email address, then check the same and follow the instructions in case if you mentioned the number then please enter the verification code
  5. One will be required to enter the new password and will be required to renter the same for the confirmation point of view

After setting the password one will be able to use the services as usual

Change Zoho password- one can follow the steps in order to perform Zoho Account Recovery

  1. First and foremost, go on the Log in page
  2. Now in your profile hit on My Zoho Account by clicking on the dropdown
  3. On this page under the Home tab, look for the change password link and click on the same
  4. One will be required to enter the current password and in the given field enter the new password and click on save

After taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to use the email with the new password and this is the right thing to do from time to time in regards to the security of the account.

Zoho mail customer service

They provide assistance 24b7 and across the globe, if an individual comes across a concern while using the services they can simply go on the website in the given field can write the concern and take the steps as advised can choose between Admin Guide, Developer Guide, Partner Portal in order to ensure that one gets the more precise answer if one is baffled can also take help through the live chat session and can also make the call by looking for the number in the specific area and the representative will hear the concern will ask to take the necessary steps if an individual will not be able to carry those steps, then the representative will take the access and will do the needful as the customer satisfaction is the objective

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