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How To Troubleshoot Canon Printers

A printer is a machine that is used to print documents. Now there are several companies manufacturing printers and thus there are several printer brands in the market. Canon printer is a very good machine for printing, scanning and copying. Canon printer is available in wide variety of ranges such as laser printer, inkjet printer, and wireless and network printer. Canon printer offers lot of features and great printing solution but like any other machine; it is not a bug free machine. There would be technical problems sometime with Canon printer and then you ask how to troubleshoot canon printers? Well, you can get the support from us.

Canon Printer Problem Ink

When there is Canon printer problem ink exists then it means that there is low level of ink or ink is empty in the printer. Now, in such scenario, you need to fill in the ink. And when you see the error message of canon printer ink then you can simply bypass this error message for which you can hold down canon printer’s Resume, Stop/Reset or color start button for 5 to 15 seconds. Now the ink monitor will shut off, canon printer will stop blinking and printing activity will be resumed by canon printer itself.

Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Troubleshoot Paper Jam

Paper jam is a common issue with any printer and this can happen with canon printer as well. In such situation you can follow below steps to solve the problems of canon printer troubleshoot paper jam:

  1. First turn off the canon printer and unplug the power cord of the printer from the power supply.
  2. Now, open the paper output cover.
  3. After that remove the paper from the front tray if ther is any.
  4. Now you need to ensure that that the paper that is jammed is not under the FINE cartridge holder.
  5. Now, hold the jammed paper with your hands. If you see that the paper is rolled up, you should pull it out.
  6. Now, pull the paper slowly so that it does not tear up, after that you can pull the paper out.
  7. Now, ensure that all the jammed paper is removed.
  8. Now, you can close the paper output cover, and reload the paper.

When you have done it all print jobs that are in the queue get canceled and now you can reprint if necessary.

How to fix Canon Printer Not Responding

Canon printer might not be responding then the question is how to fix canon printer not responding problem? Well, first thing is to figure out what is the exact reason why canon printer is not responding and after that the problem can be fixed. If you are not able to figure out on your own after some attempts, you can seek expert help from us.

Low Ink Warning On Canon Printer

If you see low ink warning on canon printer, you can follow below steps to disable the warning:

· First, go to the Control Panel on your computer and highlight the “Printers. After that right click on it and choose “properties”

· Here, you can find your canon printer. Once you find it, you can click OK to edit the properties. After that go to the “maintenance” tab.

· Look out for “Low ink warning” option and you can unchecked the box and press OK to confirm.

Canon Printer Pixma Troubleshooting Flashing Lights

If you have canon printer pixma troubleshooting flashing lights problem then you can seek help from us to solve the problem.

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