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How to Unlock Bitlocker drive without password/recovery Key

Bitlocker is a full encryption feature that is included with Microsoft Windows and it was started Windows Vista and the only purpose id to protect the data by doing encryption and by default it uses the AES encryption algorithm in cipher block changing or XTS mode.

System Requirements – In order to run Bitlocker one should have a drive with at least two partitions and a special chip which is Trusted Platform Module which will enable to run legitimate checks for system software as well for hardware, in case if TPM comes across any changes which are not genuine it will boot in order to stop the same

Steps to Unlock Bitlocker drive without password/recovery Key-

In case one has forgotten the password, however, has saved the 48 -digit recovery key, one can take the following steps

  1. On your device open My Computer
  2. Now in order to select the Bitlocker drive double click on the same in the Windows explorer
  3. Click on option More Options and then click on the Enter recovery key
  4. Now in the required field enter the 48- digit recovery key and tap on Unlock

Unlock Bitlocker drive from the command prompt

  • Open Windows Taskbar and enter cmd in the search bar
  • Among the listed options click on cmd.exe and then select Run as administrator from the menu
  • Now type the command manage –bde-unlock X:-Recovery password and then hit enter
  • Now in the given field enter the recovery key and hit enter to unlock Bitlocker drive

How to reset the forgotten Bitlocker password?

  1. One will be required to right-click on Bitlocker encrypted drive in Windows Explorer and then enter the 48- digit recovery key in order to unlock this drive
  2. Now select the option Manage Bitlocker option
  3. Now in the control panel do click Change password on the particular Bitlocker drive and now one can reset the password
  4. One should ensure that the password enter should be strong enough from the security point of view

However, if one comes across that some files are missing one can try the recovery software as M3 Bitlocker Recovery and do so take action as

  1. Initially, you will be required to download, install and then launch M3 Bitlocker Recovery on your device
  2. Now do select the Bitlocker encrypted drive and hit Next
  3. In the required field enter 48-digit recovery key and then click ok in order to decrypt data
  4. Once the scanning is done, you will be able to see the documents, photos and play the videos as well the audios and then you can be sure if the lost file is recoverable
  5. Once you have selected the files click Recover and in this process if you find out that some files cannot be recovered check Enable brute-force decryption and try to recover again.

By taking the steps as above one will be able to get back the missing files as well.

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