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How do I fix HP Printer Error?

Are you getting an error while trying to print something important via the HP printer? Are you looking for HP Printer troubleshooting ways online now? If you are, you are on the right page. Here you will get HP Support simply and subtly. Say goodbye to HP printer not printing problem as here we have mentioned a few steps to be followed.

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How to resolve HP printer not printing issue?

Solution 1: Check the status of your HP Printer

First of all, check whether the printer tray has enough papers to print or are they stuck or jammed. If they are, remove papers smoothly, put them back neatly and try printing again.

Next, check whether ink or toner is filled up to the level or not. Sometimes, due to insufficient ink or toner supply, users receive printers, not printing problems.

Solution 2: Cancel all print jobs

Too many prints commands sometimes delay the task of printing. Therefore, clear out the print queue to resume hassle-free printing with your HP Printer. For this, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. 
  2. From the given list of printer devices, select your HP Printer with which you are having issues.
  3. Right-click on it and move to ‘See What’s Printing’ option. 
  4. When a window appears, select Printers given at the top right corner. Click on ‘Open as Administrator’.
  5. Once again, select Printers option to ‘Cancel all documents’. Also, when a confirmation window appears, select ‘Yes’. 

Now, check whether your HP Printer problem has been resolved or not. If not, follow the further solutions or directly take HP support to save time. 

Solution 3: Set HP printer as Default

Usually, the print command automatically sends the print job to the default printer. If you have not set the HP Printer as your default, another connected printer will receive the command. Therefore, you have to change your printer’s default setting. For this, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. 
  2. From the given list of printer devices, select your HP Printer. 
  3. Right-click on it and click on ‘Set as Default Printer’ from the prompt menu. 
  4. When a confirmation window appears, select ‘Yes’. 

Now, you will see a green checkmark on your HP printer icon, indicating that it has been set to default.

Solution 4: Troubleshoot HP Printer

Given are the HP Printer troubleshooting ways, follow them:

  1. Check all connection cables for wear and tear, including the power cable and the cable that connects your computer and printer.
  2. Check network connection 
  3. Plug and unplug all cables
Solution 5: Check HP Printer Driver is up to date

Sometimes when the printer’s driver is not updated, users receive the printer, not printing issues. Therefore, check online if any updates are available for the HP printer on the official website. If you are unaware of the steps to update HP Printer Driver, take help from experts available at HP Support.

Furthermore, when none of the above HP printer troubleshooting steps work, HP support Phone Number experts give real-time assistance over a phone call. 

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