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How to fix iMessage Notifications not Working?

Sometimes missing an important phone call or message can be terrible these days. It has happened with most of them, it becomes even more frustrating when you know you had your iPhone with you but your phone is not notifying you anything for some reason. If you have wondered that, why certain notifications do not seem to show up then let me tell you that you are not alone to face this problem. It is not mandatory that every people do all things self. Therefore, most people need suggestions because they do not know the instructions of iMessage notifications not working so that they try to search everywhere for the best and easy way to resolve this problem. If you are also one of them and facing iMessage notifications not working on iPhone then do not fret and you no need to go anywhere because the best instructions are given below you just follow it and get to fix the iMessage notifications problem.

Way to fix the iMessage notifications not working problem.

First of all, you should try to restart your iPhone because if you have an issue with your iPhone then you should restart it. Follow the given steps to do.

Press and hold the lock button when the power switch appears on the screen swipe it to turn off your phone.
When your phone is shut off properly then you should wait a few seconds and again hold down the power button to turn on back.

You make sure that your notifications be turned on.

  • First, you go to the settings.
  • Scroll down and find notifications.
  • On the above new menu, you just tap the show previews tab. You set it to ‘always’ show previews. You should make sure that the show previews option is set ‘always’ on. In this way, you will receive notifications whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked.
  • After that go back into the notification menu. Under the submenu, notification style finds and tap the app you want to receive notifications for.
  • When you have selected the application you want to turn on notifications for. Tap to allow notifications that appear at the top of the menu by using the slider icon. Once the notifications are turned on them the slider bar will show in green.

Check your cellular and wifi connection.

  • You need to go to the settings and open the cellular menu to check your connection.
  • You make sure that your cellular data is turned on. Once the data is turned on then the slider icon will be appearing in green color.
  • After that, you go to the settings to check your wifi connection.
  • You should turn on wifi by using the slider icon.
  • Once it will on then so many networks might be listed under public networks or other networks.
  • You find your network and connect with it.
  • You can also connect to wifi by using the control center.

Reset your iPhone’s settings

If the above instructions are not working or mot helpful for you then you try this last option to reset your settings of iPhone. When you rest your iPhone settings then your wifi networks, preference, and password will erase. But your personal data like photo apps, text messages will be kept.

Unlock your phone and goes to the settings.

  • Scroll down and find the general option, tap on it.
  • At the bottom of the general menu select the reset option then select reset all settings.
  • Enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone.
  • At the end reset all settings, your iPhone will restart.

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