How to use a Netzero Account?

Netzero is an Internet service providing company in US with millions of subscribers there. It provides broadband services and mobile based broadband service to customers. They provide high speed internet service to consumers. They offer 3 G network and 4G network and also launched wireless broadband service to customers. Thus their service is considered of high quality at affordable prices. All customers who use Netzero account may have a question that how to use a Netzero account?

Well, one can use a Netzero account by following below steps:

  1. First step is to double-click the NetZero icon that is there on your desktop and after that you have to select whether you want to Create a new account or Sign in to your existing account.
  2. After that you are required to select how you will connect to the Internet. You can connect modem by choosing NetZero Dial-up Internet Access. After that check the boxes to select if you want to mute your modem, automatically connect when you start your computer, and have NetZero redial in case you are disconnected. Then click Continue when you are done.
  3. After that area code need to be entered along with phone number from where you will be dialing in the Set Up a Dialing Location screen. Then enter a name for your dialing location. Click Continue when you are done.
  4. NetZero dials an 800 number in order to get the latest access numbers. After that you can see the Select Access Numbers screen opening, which shows a list of access numbers local to you. If you want to access numbers, you can check the boxes next to them and check the boxes if you need to dial a 1 or the area code.
  5. Click Continue when done.
  6. Now if any changes required, click Back. Else, click Connect to log on to NetZero.

Now next time you can connect to NetZero, by double-click the desktop icon and click Connect.

How to contact Netzero customer support

Netzero is an internet service provider company in Los Angeles, California in US. Netzero offers you broadband internet, DSL and dial up internet service at very affordable prices. So millions of people use any of these Netzero service and if they face technical issue with that be it your dial up internet service, broadband or DSL they need Netzero customer support. How to contact Netzero customer support ? Well, one can call, live chat or send email for best customer support. So, when you are facing an issue with Netzero and you are unable to fix it then then you should look for Netzero customer support.

How to create a netzero account

If you want to create a netzero account you can follow below steps:

You can begin the signup process. Go to and select the Free ISP option.

Now, click Add to Cart.
Click Next.
Then click the Check Out button.
Now in order to create a new account fill out the required information;
Enter your desired Member ID in the Member ID text box.
Enter your desired password in the Password text box.
Then type your password again in in the Retype Password text box, and then select a question from the Choose Secret Question drop-down menu.
Then enter your answer in the Type in your Answer text box.
If you have an alternate email address then enter this in the Alternate email text box for netzero to send your account and service information.
Enter the referrer’s NetZero email address in Referrer member address if one referred it to you.
In order to activate the My Points service free of cost with your NetZero account, select the option to activate it.
Then click I Accept button after reading the NetZero Terms and Conditions.

Netzero Customer Service

Well, you can get Netzero customer service when you are in trouble with its services. But what may be possible problems? Below is the list of common issues for which you should contact Netzero for customer service.

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  2. How to set up Netzero DSL?
  3. How to name your network?
  4. How to connect your computer to the gateway?
  5. How to set up wireless network with your DSL modem?
  6. How to set up wireless connection manually etc.
Netzero Help & Support

Netzero internet services such as broadband service and mobile internet service is being consumed by millions of users in US. Without internet or with slightest interruption in data speed one feels frustrated because people are habitual of using internet for hours and they want highest speed possible and promised to them. They get it from netzero and if one requires netzero help & support they can get it easily.

NetZero launches broadband service

Netzero has launched broadband service in US and like millions of subscribers you can also use their high quality and high speed broadband services.