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How Do I Activate Norton Product Key

Norton Antivirus Product Key

It can partially or fully damage both. So, you must keep your device and data safe from such external threats such as viruses and malware. For this purpose, you can install high-quality antivirus software such as Norton Internet Security on your system. The Internet is a big source of viruses as you don’t know which part of the world you can receive a virus from. So, it is quite essential that your system is equipped with Norton Antivirus software. You can download the program from the website of Norton and after that install it on your system. In order to install you can use Norton one year for free and after that, you need to renew it for which you need to enter the product key of the Norton product key activation. So, where to find my Norton Internet security product key?

Well, you can follow the below steps to find your Norton security products:

  1. First press the start button and then go to windows explorer or you can also go directly to My Computer.
  2. After that look for window C on the left column of your window screen.
  3. Now you can click here on the documents and settings from the options and after that go to a username and then go to My Document and Symantec.
  4. Now you above to click on the folder where your account is your user name.
  5. Now you can click on a file that ends with “?Key.txt.”. You will find your Norton Internet security product key here.

Benefits of Norton security premium for three devices

Norton security premium for three is an excellent product and part of Symantec’s 2015 product and its products all devices such as a computer, MacBook, tablets, and smartphone. When you buy this you don’t need to buy any other security product for different devices that you use. So, here are some benefits of Norton security premium for three devices:

  1. This product is a single solution that protects all devices of your family members.
  2. It gives you total security against threats such as viruses, spyware, inappropriate websites, downloads, spammers, hackers, and other threats.
  3. It can keep your kids quite safe on the internet.
  4. This provides 25 GB of secure online storage space.
  5. With this product, you can transfer protection from a device to another device after you update the program.
  6. If you lose your smartphone then you can locate your phone and remove all the data on it instantly to prevent unauthorized usage.
  7. This also provides your home network with a smart firewall.

These are some benefits of the Norton security premium for three devices.

Norton Internet Security Product Key?

You saw above how to get your Norton product key activation in order to renew your Norton internet security and apart from this you can also find it if you bought it online then you must receive a confirmation email from Norton in which the product key is given or if you have bought it offline then shopkeeper must provide you a card with a product key. This is how you can get a product key.

How To Disable Norton Antivirus Temporarily?

If you want to disable Norton antivirus for some time for some reason then you can do it. You can follow the below steps for this:

  1. Right-click on the Norton icon on your desktop.
  2. Choose ‘Disable antivirus auto-protect’.
  3. Now you can select the duration means a time period for which you want to disable your Norton Antivirus temporarily.
  4. Now when you want to reinstall again you can do it by right click on Norton icon and then click the ‘Enable antivirus auto-protect’ option.

This is how to disable Norton antivirus temporarily.

Norton Antivirus Customer Service

If you need Norton Antivirus related help you can seek it from the support page of Norton. You can also call their customer service numbers to talk to their representatives on the phone who will listen to your problem and then offer you a quick solution. However, connecting to Norton representative can be a nightmare for you because you may have to wait for a long on phone when you dial their numbers. So, we provide you best Norton antivirus customer service and we provide you direct phone numbers through which you can connect directly to a Norton representative without a delay and thus you can get quick and instant solutions.

How to Fix Norton Security Error

There might be different types of Norton security errors that you need to fix in order to enjoy the scanning feature of Norton security. If you can solve the error on your own it is good but if you cannot and now you ask how to fix Norton security error then you can seek help from the Norton team and discuss the error that is disrupting Norton. You will be given a quick and genuine solution.

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