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How do I fix two-factor authentication on Facebook?

If you do not know about this feature then, first you need to know about two factors authentication on Facebook. The two factors authentication on Facebook is like a feature of security which helps to protect and secure your Facebook account. Sometimes someone tries to access your Facebook account from a mobile device or browser, […]

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How to fix Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords

The most common problem in this computer science generation is related to password issues. Whenever you sign in the first time on Google website i.e. Chrome, then you instinctively reach out to click or tap on the save password popup and it sucks when nothing shows up. Many times people forget and move on, in […]

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How to fix Chromecast Not Connecting to Wifi

A little introduction about ChromecastChromecast is the product of Google Company. In other words, Google Company develop and manufacture the Chromecast. This is the small device that comes to use for using the internet by connecting on mobile, computer, laptop, etc. This is also called a digital media player. Chromecast also uses for audiovisual content […]

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How to stop pop up on google chrome?

Sometimes the user gets irritated with popup notifications. In other words, the causes of irritation are popup notification while using the device. The standard advertisements and work permits are not only intrusive on the device but if you are on a limited data plan they can cause serious damage to your bill. It may take […]