How to Call a Live Person in PayPal Customer Service

PayPal – it is one of the trading company operating worldwide and deals in online payment system hence it is become an alternate option for payment modes as checks, and money orders. In order to provide its services, they charge fee for one- click transactions and for password memory. PayPal’s payment is called considered as Payment rail. They have the headquarters located in San Jose , California and it official website is . In today’s time they have become the most convenient option to be used for paying.

While using the services of PayPal, there can be situations that one comes across some of the common problems are listed as below

· Issues related to password – one is not able to change the password, not able to reset the password

· Payment concern – while making the transaction, if the same is not getting completed, payment gets hold, declines or if the payments getting refunded

· Now showing the correct balance – at times the amount showing is not the correct amount, if some deduction has happened because of unknown charges

· Dispute – at times there can be some charge back

There can be some others problems as well which the individual can come across while using the services on day to day basis and the same can be taken care with the help of dialing PayPal Helpline number

PayPal helpline number- by dialing this number the individual, will get the one stop solution, as the representative are the voices of our brand and they are first point of contact hence with ensure that they are provided will all the information and for the same trainings are also imparted to them to ensure that they are well equipped with the concerns. In order to reach them

· One is required to dial the toll free number and will required to follow the instructions

· Once connected they will be required to tell the concern and the Live person answering the call will lend his ear

· Once the concern is acknowledged the Live person will start giving the solution.

· At this point in time, if the individual is not able to carry out the steps, the represented will get the same done through remote access and will ensure that it is completely taken care

PayPal Customer Service – in order to provide its users efficient services PayPal has a complete dedicated customer services, which ensures while doing activity no problem should be faced, however if need be one can reach the customer service through different modes as

· They have help center which provides step to step solution for some of the concerns

· Ask the community by doing so one can explain the concern and the experts associated with the community will give the solution for the same

· An individual can also explain the problem on the email ad get the revert on the same

· One can also seek the help of the Live person by dialing the number and get the instant solution