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How to Recover Forgot Apple Password On iPhone?

Did you forget your Apple ID password? Then don’t worry. You can recover it by using the web browser on your iPhone easily. Thus, to recover your Apple password is pretty simple with your trusted email address by the following procedure.

Steps to Recover your Apple Id password on iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, open this link “” in any web browser.
  2. Enter your Apple ID email address. Tap on “Continue”.
  3. Now, select “I need to reset my password”. Tap on “Continue”.
  4. Choose “Email address”. option
  5. Tap on “Continue”, and then “Done”.
  6. Open the email you received from Apple, and within email mentioned a link to reset your Apple ID password”, then click on it.
  7. Tap on “Reset now”.
  8. Enter your new password. Then enter it again to confirm.
  9. Tap on the “Reset Password” button.

Now you are done.

How to Reset Forgot Apple ID Password on iPad?

If your Apple ID has been disabled for some security reasons. Thus, to enable Apple account, you have required to reset password with security questions from forgot apple verify that you are the only person who can access this account.

Steps to recover Apple account on iPad with security questions:

  1. On your iPad, navigate to “”.
  2. Now enter the Apple ID which you wish to retrieve, then tap on “Continue”
  3. Next, choose a password recovery method, so you can prefer the option to answer the security question.
  4. After then you will be asked to answers all security questions related to your Apple account and then give answers that question very carefully.
  5. Once submitted the answer, tap on “Continue”.
  6. Next, you will now be prompted to enter a new password for your Apple account and then re-enter the same password for confirmation.
  7. Tap on “Continue” to complete the Apple account recovery process.

How to Recover Forgot Apple ID Password on Mac?

If you can’t unlock your Apple ID password on the Mac? Then don’t upset. You can easily reset it, go through unlock your account with your existing password or reset your password.

Steps to unlock your Apple ID Password on Mac

  1. On your, Mac opens this link the “”.
  2. Enter your Apple ID or also you can type your first name, or last name and your email address.
  3. Then write the “CAPTCHA” code in the textbox.
  4. Now, tap on “Continue”.
  5. Next, you will be given one of several ways to unlock Apple ID, depending on the security settings you have before configured.
  6. If you have set up two-factor authentication, then you will just obtain a special recovery code on one of your other trusted devices like your Mac phone to reset your Apple ID password and unlock your account. Sometimes, Apple could ask you for your 14-digit recovery key as well, so you can also use it to help you regain access to your account.
  7. Follow the on-screen instruction to recover your password and back to your account quickly.

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