reset my snapchat password

Reset my snapchat password

Many users often encounter a frustrating issue that is losing their accounts due to forgotten passwords or compromised account and the result is unable to access their accounts Reset my snapchat Password. 

Every problem has a solution therefore, there is a way to reset my snapchat password Snapchat account and method for making this account more secure.

I forgot my snapchat password and email Without Number


  • Launch your Snapchat and log-in.
  • Enter your username or email the address then tap on ‘Forgot my password’.
  • Now, select the option for recovering password via email or phone number.
  • In case, choose email so on next page enter your email ID and tap ‘Submit’.

Snapchat Password Reset by Email.

Next Snapchat will send you an email for resetting your password then tap on this link and enter a new password to Reset my snapchat Password.

Snapchat Password Reset by Phone

 If you select recovery through phone number then enter your phone number which is associated with Snapchat account.

  • Select the message or call, if you choose message then you get OTP and you have to enter it and type a new password.

Now you know how to recover Snapchat Account and Reset Password, hence here a few Snapchat Password Reset tips for securing your an account from hacking:

Two- Factor Authentication

If you want to try this process for adding extra security cover to your Snapchat account, two-factor authentication is the best because of it adds a secondary security checkpoint which is beyond your password and verification to identify you when you logging in.

How to set up this extra level of security:
  • The first step is on your camera.
  • Tap ‘Profile’ icon.
  • Next, go to settings.
  • Then tap on ‘Two- Factor Authentication’.
  • Now you are all set and Snapchat will guide you on how to proceed.

When you enable the two-factor authentication then you get a recovery code. You have to save it in a secure and accessible location such as the cloud but not on your physical device.

Thus, in case your device got damaged or lost, change a phone number or restore your mobile to its original factory settings where you will be able to sign-in.

Important note for you:
  • In case you’ll lose access to your account, if you have enabled Two- factor authentication, then what happens:
  • Lose your smartphone
  • A change in your phone number
  • There is restoring the phone to its natural factory settings
  • Authentication App would be used to setup Two- factor authentication.

Need more help regarding Snapchat you’re most welcome to take guidance from Snapchat Customer Service. Its customer support team will help you in the best way possibly instantly.

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