How To Reset Snapchat Password Without Email?

Snapchat is a popular chatting app especially among youth. Millions of people in the world use snapchat to share pictures with their loved ones. Snapchat app works well on Android and iOS operating systems. One can download it and install it on their smart phone. One needs to create an account with snapchat to use it. They can create account with registered mobile number along with a password. If you need to reset snapchat password sometime you can do it anytime. If you have a verified phone number or email associated with your snapchat account, resetting your snapchat password is easy from the Snapchat Log In screen. To reset snapchat through email is also possible but you can also reset snapchat password without email. You need to follow few steps to do this and you will be able to reset snapchat password easily.

Reset Snapchat password Number 1- 833-972-1034

If you want to reset password you can do this through snapchat login screen where you can click on Forgot password. After that you can follow on screen instruction to reset your password.You should choose a strong password so that no one can copy it easily.

You may need to reset snapchat password for various reasons. But whatever be the reason, if you know the steps to do it then it is easy for you. You can search for steps online and follow it. If you fail to find it online then you can seek expert’s help.

Reset Snapchat password without Email

You can reset snapchat password via log in screen through mobile phone number and email. So, the steps to do so via phone number is given below:

  1. On log in screen, tap ‘Forgot your password?’
  2. After that choose how you would like to reset your password. You can choose via SMS.
  3. A verification code is sent to the phone number that is associated with your account
  4. You need to type the verification code sent to your phone and then select ‘Continue’
  5. At the end to complete the process you need to enter your new desired password.

This is how you can reset snapchat password without email.

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