Speed defines everything that why it is well- known as a fastest and lightest antivirus.

What is a way to contact Webroot Support?

In the digital world, more than half of users are a victim of cyber crimes –small or big. Our devices need an extra cover of smart & intelligent security is the demand of time. Webroot is an efficient antivirus- rather an anti malware. It offer spyware protection, identifies and gives shield from new threats. Webroot Customer Service would guide you and solve your issues regarding installing,   to activate the subscription, etc.

How to install it?

Installation on PC:-


Ø  Open the installation file, wsainstall.exe would download to your system (PCs) automatically.

Ø  Next you have to locate this extension on your computer then double-click is needed to start the installation.

Ø  After this you’ll be prompted then enter your Keycode.

Ø  Finally, click Continue to the instructions as they appear.

2.  Installation on  Mac:-


Ø  Installation will be done automatically, download the wsamac.dmg to your computer.

Ø  Next, locate the wsamac.dmg file and double- click to installation.

Ø  Now you do double-click the Webroot Internet Security icon.

Ø  When prompted then enter your key code.

Ø  At last, click ‘Continue’ to follow the instructions when they appear.

 Installation on Android:-


Ø  You’ve to launch ‘Play Store’ on your The android device first.

Ø  Next, find out Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus then install the app. The next step is (after downloading).

Ø  You’ve to open the agreement license and accept for a beginning set up the app.

Ø  Then tap activate your Keycode, if you see ‘Fix this now’ then follow prompts to secure your device.

Ø  You have successfully installed this now.

How to open Webroot?

For running a scan from the main window you have to follow these steps:

o   First of all open the SecureAnywhere interface, click ‘Webroot’ icon

o   Then from the drop- down menu, you’ve to select ‘Open Webroot Secure Anywhere’.

o   Next, click the ‘Scan My Computer’.

o   If Secure Anywhere finds or locates threats then it opens a window that is total help & guides you via the quarantine process.

How do you active Webroot Subscription?      

You have to open the Secure Anywhere interface.

o   Now click ‘Webroot’ later select ‘Open Webroot Secure Anywhere’ from the drop-down menu.

o   Next, from the Main window click ‘the gear icon that is next to My Account. Enter your new key code then click ‘Activate’ a New Key code.

How to transfer Webroot to another device such as another computer?

You have to locate your keycode then write it because of it a long string of 20 alphanumeric characters to memorize. This is unique to others and holds information regarding your subscription. The keycode was received through an email by Webroot. If you brought it online or from a store, when installed in your device then you can view the key code by opening and your account also.

It depends on license, if for one computer or multiple devices then you must uninstall this from the old computer before installing on the new computer.