How to install WeChat on a Mobile & PC/Laptop/Computer?

Wechat is a free messaging service. Wechat is available on PC, mobile, computer. With wechat PC version you can chat and share files similar to as you do on mobiles. So, to use wechat you need to first have it on your device. So, how to install wechat on a PC/Laptop/Computer? Well, on a mobile you can download it from the play store and on PC/Laptop/Computer you can download it online from authentic web Site. Once you have downloaded the file on your system you can run it by following on screen instruction and at the end of it you will be able to install wechat on your PC/Laptop/Computer. You will have the icon of wechat on your desktop which you can use anytime to start the app.

WeChat is a very popular messaging app. It allows you to chat with your contacts via your PC and you also get notifications when someone is contacting you. So, you can get chatting facilities for free with WeChat and it is easy to use and a very cool app with lots of features as well. So, you can install it on your system and then use it for your benefits.

WeChat Support: Technical support for WeChat Application

WeChat allows you to chat with your contacts via your desktop. It also allows you to get notifications when someone is contacting you. Through WeChat, you can send a file which is a very useful feature and it is more so on Windows than any mobile devices especially for an iOS user. Through WeChat, you will be able to send any type of file you like. WeChat is a very simple app also. Apart from sending text chat and doing file transfers, it also allows you to send screenshots and emoji. The screenshot tool available with Wechat is quite a good tool. It automatically contracts around windows you hover over. However, WeChat does not offer video or voice chat and that is why falls short of some popular apps that allow both. When you are using WeChat then sometimes you need WeChat support: technical support for WeChat application. You can get technical support from us. If you see problems such as WeChat not working, not able to send files, chat message is not going to the receiver and vice versa then you may need technical support for all such problems. You can get it all from us.

Does WeChat use the phone number?

WeChat for Windows is a very good thing. It is quite a useful addition to mobile apps. However, you need to know that without a mobile account on WeChat you cannot use it on PC. So, using WeChat on PC/laptop/desktop is quite useful if you want to stay connected to your friends without having to look at your phone all the time. And while using WeChat if you need WeChat customer service then it is available to your 24X7 from our team. You can contact us and get any support related to WeChat for your PC, you are looking for.

Wechat Help Support

In order to use WeChat, you first have to sign up on your mobile for a new WeChat account with your mobile number. So, your WeChat on PC is only an accompaniment to the mobile apps. You can simply signup by downloading the app on your mobile device, where you need to enter your phone number and then enter the verification code which you are sent. Once you have created a new account of WeChat on your mobile, you can install WeChat on your PC and use the same account. And if you need WeChat to help support you can get it from us 24X7.

When you give the WeChat app access to your contacts then you can see who is already using WeChat. You can use the WeChat Windows PC version by opening the mobile app, and then take a photo of a QR code here showing on your mobile screen. Once you have done this Wechat will open on your PC and it looks and feels similar to its mobile versions. So, you can easily use WeChat on your PC. But if you cannot figure out the process of using WeChat on your PC and you need WeChat support: technical support for WeChat application then you don’t need to worry as we offer full-time technical support for WeChat.

We Chat 24X7 Technical Support

Wechat is a very useful application that allows you to do text chat and also send files to your contacts. Once you have a WeChat account on your mobile you can use WeChat on your PC also with the same mobile number by using QR code showing on your mobile screen. And if you need Wechat 24X7 technical support then you can always get it from us without any hassle.

How do I unblock my account?

If your WeChat account is blocked for any reason, you may get frustrated. Your WeChat account may be blocked for various reasons such as the non-official version of it, Unofficial plugins, violations of WeChat rules, suspicious activities and so on. You can avoid things that can lead to blocking your WeChat account and once your WeChat account is blocked you can unblock it. How do I unblock my account? Well, you can unblock your WeChat account by seeing the blocking type and reason for it.