Windows 7 Customer Service & SupportWindows 7 Customer Service & Support

Windows 7 Operating system comes under Windows NT family and it comes from the house of Microsoft. It is a popular OS which came into market into October 2009. Since then it has been a very popular OS and used on millions of devices such as desktop and laptops. Though further versions of windows came into market after windows 7 but windows 7 has been a good OS. Windows 7 is successor of Vista OS from windows and it has advanced features and capabilities when compared to Vista. You might already be using it and if you need Windows 7 customer service & support for any issue such as installing issue of Microsoft Windows then you can get it from us 24X7.

Some features of windows 7 that made it popular and more usable include libraries, improvised file sharing system Home Group, and support for multi touch input. There was enhanced security and maintenance of system also aided by a new “action center” interface that was added. On the other hand the user account control system was also made less invasive. In this OS, there default apps such as windows media player, IE and windows media center were also updated. So,windows 7 is quite useful and so if you need windows 7 customer service & support then you can get it from us 24X7.

Installing issue of Microsoft Windows

While you find windows 7 a very good OS and you want to install it on your system, you also may face some challenges sometime. If you know the issue you may be able to solve it or you can seek support for it. When you face installing issue of Microsoft Windows, you may see following errors on your screen:

  1. The windows installer service could not be accessed.
  2. Windows installer service could not be started.
  3. Could not start the windows installer service on local computer.
  4. Access denied.

You can seek help to troubleshoot these possible reasons to fix the problem. You can run the “fix problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled” troubleshoot repair issue which is blocking windows 7 OS installation because of corrupted registry keys.

Windows 7 Customer Service

We have highly professional and experienced and the team is well trained to answer any question and query related to windows 7 OS. Windows 7 is a popular OS and people use it on their personal device and also in professional set up. While installing it or using it later, you may have some issues for which you need customer service. You can try here and there for customer service but generally your experience tells you that you have to wait a lot while trying to connect to them.

We provide you best windows 7 customer service for 24X7 and you can connect to windows 7 team quickly and get your query resolved instantly. You get quick and reliable service and thus you can resume the work on your windows 7 based system.

Windows 7 Technical Support

Windows 7 is a technical product and thus it is bound to create some technical glitches sometime. What kind of technical problems you may face? Well, you may come across some of the following problems for which you may need best windows 7 technical support:

  1. Windows 7 installation issue.
  2. Failed in updating windows 7 antivirus defender.
  3. Blue screen issue.
  4. Booting issue.
  5. Safe mode error.
  6. Sound and processor is not working.
  7. Processor is working slowly.
  8. Error while activating windows 7 etc.

For all such technical problems in windows 7, you can get the best windows 7 technical support from us.

How to Setup Windows 7 Operating System?

Windows 7 is a good OS without a doubt but you need to install it first. You can follow below steps to set up windows 7 operating system. You can install using windows installation DVD.

  1. Enter your BIOS of your computer.
  2. Then you can find BIOS’s boot options menu.
  3. Now select CD ROM drives as the first boot device of the computer.
  4. Now save all the changes of the settings.
  5. Now shut down your computer.
  6. Now switch on your computer and insert the disc of windows 7 into your PC’s CD/DVD drive.
  7. Now, start your computer from this disc.
  8. Now choose windows 7 setup options.
  9. Then click Install now button.
  10. After that you see License term on your screen which you need to accept.
  11. Now select Custom installation.
  12. You can choose which hard drive and partition you want to install windows 7 on.
  13. Now install windows 7 on hard drive and partition that you wish to.

So this is how to set up windows 7 operating system on your PC.

How to Configure Windows 7 Operating System?

You can configure windows 7 operating system on your PC by following above mentioned steps but if you cannot do it and you still ask the question how to configure windows 7 operating system then you can ask for the step by step solution from us.