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How to change mobile Numbers in Gmail Account?

A phone number linked to a Google account is used for different reasons, including account recovery, and you have complete control to manage how your numbers are used. Google allows the account users to add, update, or remove their phone numbers. The phone number associated with your account may change from time to time, which means you will need to update it in your Google account. Today we will be talking about the process of changing the mobile number in the Gmail account. However, you may have to wait a week to update the phone number as Google takes up to seven days before your new phone number come in use.

Change your Gmail phone number on a computer

Sign in to Gmail and select your account photo or the first letter of your name located in the upper-right corner of the screen. The selection of Google Account is suggested to you then. Then you need to select your Personal info. Select Phone by navigating the Contact info section. A new window will open where you will get your Google account phone number. Select the Edit icon now. Now you will have to enter your Google account password. Click on Next and select the pencil-like icon Edit. Then select the Update Number icon. Then you need to enter your new phone number and choose Select to complete the process. Congratulations, you have almost done with the change mobile number in Gmail.

Change your phone number in the Gmail app

The steps for changing phone numbers in the Gmail app are similar to changing it on a computer. Yes, certain menus and icons are different. Open the Gmail app and log in to your account. Click on the menu button that appears as three horizontal lines. Navigate to the Gmail screen and select Settings. The Settings window will allow you to click on your Gmail address. Then you will have to select Manage your Google Account. Click on Personal info and launch the window. It will allow you to select Phone. Move to the upper-right corner and select the pencil-like icon Edit. Google will now insist you to verify your identity by entering your account password. Go to the Phone screen and select Edit. Click on Update Number and change the phone number linked to your account. It will initiate the process to update the phone number in Gmail.

Get technical assistance from the tech support team

Google management has recruited a technical team that is looking after the issues faced by Gmail account users. It is fast, efficient, and filled with the most experienced people in the industry. Known as Gmail tech support engineers, you can talk to these professionals by dialing the official helpline number or by making a chat request. You will find them highly skilled and supportive. Talk to them at any hour of the day and get the desired suggestion!

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