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How to Change Gmail Password On iPhone or iPad

Gmail has made through critical and complicated coding via experienced web developers due for this reason, it is very secure and doesn’t enter through the wrong password. So, if you are using iPhone or iPad and you want to change Gmail Password On iPhone so just follow the below-given steps.

Steps to Change Gmail Password On iPhone or iPad:

  1. Just open Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the menu bar at the top of the left corner.
  3. Then, click on settings from the list.
  4. Hit on your email address.
  5. Next, press on manage your google account option.
  6. After then, hit on sign-in & security and then, press the password option.
  7. Then, type your current password and click on sign-in.
  8. Finally, type the new password and confirm the same password on another box & then, hit the change password button.

Therefore, users can easily Change Gmail Password On iPhone and sing-in with an email address and new password.

How to Recover Gmail Password From iPhone Mail App?

  1. Again, open Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Enter your email address and hit the sign-in button.
  3. Then, hit on the forget password option.
  4. Enter your recovery email account on the iPhone.
  5. Gmail will send verification code on your recovery email address.
  6. After then, open your iPhone mail app and check the security code.
  7. Now, enter the verification code in the box & hit the next button.
  8. Then, enter a new password and press again next.

Thus, users can simply recover the Gmail password from the iPhone Mail app via the above-presented steps.

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On the duration of password creation, users should make a strong password meanwhile there must be a presence of character, numeric, upper case, or lower case so that password would be secure.

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