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How to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working

Are you facing a problem with Google Voice Search! Google Voice Search not working on your device or computer. Then don’t worry! There may be some causes behind it. These include Wrong language settings, Backend Servers Down, Microphone issues, Internet issues, and so on. Thus, follow these troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue quickly.

Easy Solutions to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working Issue:

Solution 1: Verify your language Settings

  • Go to “Settings” > “Voice” (below ‘Search’), and then choose suitable languages from the Voice menu.

Solution 2: Check Microphone on the Device

  • Google Voice Search is a voice-based system, and thus Google requires you to rely on the microphone. So, if your microphone isn’t working, then you should troubleshoot your microphone to successfully work.

Solution 3: Check Internet Connection

  • When Google Voice Search not working, then check your internet connection is properly working. Because when you search by “Okay Google”. It always uses an internet connection, or in case it’s not working, then the search will not work and stop responding to you.

Solution 4: Different Persons Use:

  • Google is set to reply to an exact set of people’s voices of ‘Ok Google’. If someone else is trying to do a voice search, the module will not respond and will break lazy.

How to Get Google Voice on Phone?

It’s a very easy process to set up Google Voice app on your smartphones, and after that, you can get a free phone number for calls, voicemail, and text messages. Then follow the simple steps below to easily get Google Voice on Android Phones.

  1. Go the Google Play Store, download and install the “Google Voice app”.
  2. Then sign in to your Google account.
  3. Hit on “Search” and then choose a Google Voice phone number, which you want your contacts to view when you call them. Also, search via city or area code.
  4. Hit on select when you pick your number and tap “Next”.
  5. Google Voice approves the number you picked, and if it all views ‘OK’, and then tap on “Accept Number”.
  6. Then add a number, if you have not added your mobile number to your Google account, do so and tap on “Send Code”.
  7. Click on “Allow” to access your contacts for Google Voice, and then a list will appear of your contacts.
  8. Now you are ready to use your new Google Voice phone number on your phone.

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