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Accidently, you deleted your essential piece of information and you want it back! I knew it that you are unaware of excellent software or maybe you heard of using it. But doesn’t know how it works.

Recover Delete Email From Thunderbird

How to recover deleted trash from Thunderbird?

Hopefully, we all encounter this situation intentionally or by mistake, you have deleted an email from Thunderbird and might be emptied the trash too.  Now the worst part is you want that email back and have no idea how to do it?

Here a series of steps to recover:

1. Troubleshooting for permanently deleted emails

Step 1:

You have to click ‘Help (Troubleshooting Information)’ on Mozilla Thunderbird client.

Step 2:

Select ‘the Show Folder ‘on opened Troubleshooting page, you can see your profile on the local system.

Step 3:

Now, open the subfolder mail & select ‘Your related profile by you can recover the deleted emails.’

Step 4:

You can edit (recommend) with notepad/notepad++ inside the folder in the inbox.

Step 5:

Here you see all emails which are deleted or undeleted in the large text form. The messages starting with ‘From’; so you can find and go to one message to another.

The messages were deleted have status- X- Mozilla: 0009 change it to 0000 to recover the message. Likewise, you can do a similar thing for every message by replacing the number.

2. If you’ve to recover Emails from Mozilla Thunderbird Trash


1.    Login to your account on opened Mozilla Thunderbird.

2.    Next, open the trash folder and select that email you want to recover.

3.    Then click on the selected email and click the ‘Move To’ option.

4.    By this, you’re giving a location where you want to restore the Thunderbird emails.

3. Then recover Email Messages in Thunderbird by Repairing Inbox Folder


1.    Firstly, you’ve opened the Mozilla Thunderbird for fixing the corrupted file.

2.    Then click ‘Inbox’ where corrupted emails are stored.

3.    From the drop-down menu, you’ve to click ‘Properties’.

4.      At in last, from Properties dialog box –click ‘General Information’ and click the ‘Repair folder’.

These steps for retrieving your deleted trash from is the simplest and fast ways. The important part of this procedure you can do all without any technical support; just follow these steps given above.

In case if you deleted you Thunderbird account by mistake you’ve to click on ‘Remove Account’ in Thunderbird. Now, what do next?

What are the steps for Thunderbird Account Recovery?

Step 1:

Start with Thunderbird and create a new mail account by using the same Email address. The same server settings have to use as the account you deleted.

Step 2:

Enter your Email address & password in the new account wizard then click ‘Continue’.

Step 3:

After following these, you’re creating a new account directory with a numeric suffix such as if your old mail’s directory was – It will create a

Step 4:

Make use of the web browser to Restart Thunderbird after specifying the old account directory.

 Step 5:

 Now you’ve to check the inbox of the account to look out it has a message or not.             

Are you looking for technical assistance or answers to some queries related to Thunderbird or other Mozilla projects?

Therefore, you can visit the ‘Thunderbird Customer Service’. It is popular amongst global users but sometimes it can be disconnected and have a few browser malfunctions. Hence, Thunderbird Customer Service is present for quick help.

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