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In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

Nowadays, technology is rapidly growing and plenty of ways or things are running from the front of you and you can’t remind those things but Google offers bookmarks features where users can easily save their favorite things in a web browser. It is a very simple process and this process will save for a lifetime. As well as, users can edit, organize, and secure bookmarks, according to their needs. But There is a different-different process according to the operating system. If you want to know about Where are chrome bookmarks stored, just see the below given below step:

How to Find Google Chrome Bookmarks on Your Computer?

  1. You need to open your computer.
  2. After then, open your Google Chrome browser.
  3. In Google Chrome, click on three dots situated in the top right corner.
  4. Select the Bookmark tab from the list.
  5. You can see your bookmarks in the list.

Therefore, users can easily access Google chrome bookmark through the above-mentioned steps. Also, this is the fastest way to reach a bookmark in Google chrome.

In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?: Windows

  1. Again, click on Google Chrome on Windows operating system.
  2. Click on three dots (This is situated in the top right corner in the Google chrome window)
  3. Select the bookmark option from the list.
  4. Click on the Bookmark manager. (Ctrl + Shift + O)
  5. Here your Google Chrome bookmarks stored.

Thus, users can export, import, and create a new folder through the Bookmark manager. This is the shortest direction to reach Where are chrome bookmarks stored.

In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?: macOS

If you want to reach the Google chrome folder so you can reach through the command prompt and you have to mention their directory path.

  • (/Users//Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default.)

User can easily locate the folder through above-given directory path because Mac Google chrome save memory as a physical and it will easy to access through command prompt.

In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored? : Linux

Linux is a very secure and open-source actual platform where people save necessary links and files through Google chrome.

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