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How to fix Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords

The most common problem in this computer science generation is related to password issues. Whenever you sign in the first time on Google website i.e. Chrome, then you instinctively reach out to click or tap on the save password popup and it sucks when nothing shows up. Many times people forget and move on, in this situation they always enter usernames and passwords to log in it may take your precious time. So you should save your password when you log in to the website. Once you save it then Google Chrome not asking to save your password again and again before using the website.

How to save the password in Chrome automatically?

Users can manage and remember to save the password in Chrome automatically with Dashlane. If users want to save the password in Chrome automatically but they do not know how to do it, then don’t worry about it just follow the below steps and get the instant solution:

  1. First of all, you need to download the Dashlane on your device.
  2. Then in your device run Dashlane. One more thing you should know that the user can add a Dashlane extension to your Chrome.
  3. After that, you can change your password, generate a strong password and store your password.
  4. One more way to sync your password and data across all your devices, it will only happen to save your time.
  5. Now you no need to save your password every time to log in. In Chrome, you must keep your password safe and strong.

How to save the password in Chrome Manually?

If users want to manage and remember or save the password in Chrome manually from setting then they can do it easily with adopting the below steps:

  1. First, you should launch Chrome in your device i.e. mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.
  2. When you launch chrome the three dots icon will appear on the upper right corner click on those three dots, you will see the menu. Find the settings option from the list, tab on that setting.
  3. After that, scroll down and click on advanced.
  4. When you click on advanced, the passwords and forms section will open, you must click on the Manage passwords section.
  5. The option of an offer to save a password will appear at the top of the page, you should turn on that option. When you turn on you will be prompted to save the password every time you log in a website with your account and password.
  6. At the same page, Auto sign-in option will also appear at the below of offer to save the password, turn on that option you will be automatically signed into the websites using the stored important next time.
  7. By proceeding with all the above step you must sign into a website with your account and password.
  8. After sign in at the top right corner, Chrome will pop up a dialog to save passwords. Then click on save.

How to get support from Google’s customer care contact number?

The huge number of technical support engineers is sitting around you to help out in such issues. People how work at night can also call on the same number if the user feels some suggestions regarding the Google product. There are various methods to get support from Google customer care with the help of phone numbers, email or live chat. If the entire above step is not clear then don’t need to get worried about it. You have many options to clear your queries or problem, just make an instant call to the customer support contact number. When you call on that number, Google chrome customer support will pick your call within a short time. You can get help from email or you can get end to end support through live chat. In this way your time becomes short but sometimes chat is inconvenient so the contact number is the best authentic method to get in touch with them

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