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How to Fix Not Working

Email is one of the prominent ways of communication. Most businesses use email services to connect with their clients. AOL is one of the best email servers that have frequent delivery of mails to the receivers. But sometimes AOL users face technical issues like not working, AOL Not Receiving Emails Problem, etc. These issues are severe if you are unable to fix the problem.

How to Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails Problem 2020?

Meanwhile, AOL users face issues with their email account in which they are unable to receive any mail in their inbox. There may be many reasons for this issue, but it can be fixed easily if you know how to troubleshoot the AOL not receiving emails issue. For those users who don’t know the process of fixing the issue, they must follow the below steps:

Check spam mail:

  1. Go to the spam folder of your email account.
  2. Check if emails are going in your spam folder.
  3. If they are in the spam folder, select “Not Spam” for the mails.
  4. If you are not receiving it there, follow another method.

Check for email filters:

  1. Log in to your AOL email account.
  2. Go to “Account Settings” and look for “Filter Settings”.
  3. Remove any applied filter.
  4. If there is no filter, try another method.

Guide To Troubleshoot AOL Not Receiving Emails

There are many users who face issues with their AOL account. The complaint about not working and start looking for support. They should first check their email account settings for their account. Use the below setup for your AOL email account.

  • Incoming server address–
  • Port no– 993
  • SSL– Yes
  • Outgoing Server address–
  • Port no– 587
  • SSL– Optional

If the above methods don’t work for you, feel free to contact the AOL Customer support team to troubleshoot the AOL not receiving email issues anytime.

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