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How to fix Google Assistant Not Working

Google Assistant voice commands performance issues usually occur due to any technical error in it. Incorrect permission is one of the most common problems as it prevents the app from accessing your microphone, suddenly turn off voice commands, and show corrupt data in the app. You will need to try the workarounds one by one […]

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How to enable or disable 2 step Gmail verification

Account security has turned into a big concern for browsing lovers, and two-factor authentication has been introduced by the webmail companies to help those users. 2-step verification or two-factor authentication is actually an extra layer of security provided to the email account users. With this, you will actually sign into your account in two steps […]

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How to set up Email signature in outlook

Outlook has become an amazing emailing framework for its users because it offers multiple features and instant email sending and receiving phenomena. But if you want to make your outlook more professional and decent so Email signature is the best weapon that provides business as well as branded look to your email address. So, if […]

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How to fix Google Photos Not Working

You are unable to download photos directly from Google Photos. Experiencing the Google Photos Downloading issue is frustrating sometimes. Then you don’t need to worry about it! Because often Google Photos app doesn’t work due to many reasons. These such as, download in a correct way, Folder of downloads is not backed up, Not grant […]

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How to Fix Gmail Authentication Error

Gmail email platform, is a secure, reliable, and fast way to send and receive emails. You can access Gmail email application on various mobile and laptop devices. Also, you can set up or add your Gmail account with other email client programs, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, and others. However, but sometimes you […]

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How to Change Xfinity wifi Password

Xfinity offers excellent class wireless services to its users. But, sometimes users face difficulties to change the Xfinity internet password. So, if you are facing the same issues so just see the below-given steps for instant solutions. Changing the WIFI Password Xfinity Hotspots (Mobile App): Go to your mobile and hit the Xfinity My account. […]

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How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

Users looking to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome need not move anywhere as all they need to do is move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned down in the tutorial in order to get a one-stop solution for the issue. Steps to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome: Step 1: Open the Chrome […]

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Why is my Yahoo mail not receiving emails?

Your Yahoo mail account may be of prime importance to you when it comes to the execution of all the business as well as personal tasks. But when opening the email account you may have realized that you are facing Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue. Such kind of issues is minor in nature and […]

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How to Unlock Bitlocker drive without password/recovery Key

Bitlocker is a full encryption feature that is included with Microsoft Windows and it was started Windows Vista and the only purpose id to protect the data by doing encryption and by default it uses the AES encryption algorithm in cipher block changing or XTS mode. System Requirements – In order to run Bitlocker one […]

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How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

If you’re seeking how to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone! Then don’t worry about it. Here are mentioned the simple and easy steps to set up voicemail on an Android device. Follow these steps now. Simple Set-Up Voicemail on an iPhone: On your phone, first, go to the “Settings” section. Then hit on the […]